In India there are so many labor laws, state governments has their state specific laws where central government has law which are applicable to pan India. It is mandatory to comply with all the applicable labor laws failing which will leads to a huge penalty or imprisonment or both to top officials of the company including directors.

As there are so many legislations about labor and to comply with those company need to have a big team. Also in case company has offices in various states or cities member of statutory compliance team has to visit labor office of various states to take the license or to deal with labor inspectors which also is a big cost.

Ingenious HR Solutions India Private Limited offers statutory compliances management services to our clients including but not limited to Factory act, CL &(RA), Shops & Establishment, Payment of Wages, Minimum Wages, Gratuity, Bonus, Labor Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Local Body Tax, Trade License, Employment Exchange, Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation, etc. Our founder has a great track record in the field of statutory compliance. We follow all the do all the compliance activity as per guideline given in the act and finish all the work well with the timelines to avoid un wanted damage charges or punishments.